Biagi Ascensori

Quality, efficiency and innovation have always distinguished Biagi Ascensori in Piombino.For nearly fifty years our company has been a reference point for the lift sector throughout the province of Livorno.



Biagi Ascensori was founded in 1970 from an entrepreneurial idea by Ivo Biagi, who launched his own company as a FIAM dealer, a leading brand in the sector at the time. In just a few years our company has successfully established itself on the market, increasing the number of plants on maintenance, thanks to the entry into the company and the technical support of Franco Biagi, brother of Ivo. With increasing professionalism and daily commitment, Biagi Ascensori also extended its facilities with the introduction of new brands such as Bonfedi, Otis, Stigler-Otis, Sabiem, Falconi and Ceam. In 1985 Barbara Biagi, daughter of Ivo, entered the company, continuing in the family project, which has always been oriented towards growth and innovation.




Today BiagiAscensori is a dynamic reality which keeps up with the times.In over thirty years of activity our company has been able to align itself with technological developments, expanding its structure and its technical staff that, with the support of Fabrizio Balducci and Roberto Cenerini, has always worked with the intent to offer the best possible service.


Courtesy,helpfulness and exhaustive customer support. These are the values that we put daily in the field and that have contributed to our success. Moreover, we support the deep knowledge of the sector, the use of cutting-edge equipment and latest generation materials. These last are all CE marked and fully compliant with European standards and current regulations.


BiagiAscensori’s main target is customer satisfaction. With this in mind, our company looks for the best solutions on the market, with a complete and flexible range of products and services. This is why we are committed to professionalism and efficiency starting from the first contact with the customer to post-sales assistance, offering a 24-hour service available every day of the year.