Maintenance elevators Piombino

We guarantee an accurate maintenance service for lifts in Piombino and in the province of Livorno. We carry out rapid and effective H 24 interventions on any type of elevator system used to transport things and / or people.

Our solutions

Our solutions are designed to last a long time, thanks to the solidity of the materials and the technical precision of our staff. We are available 365 days a year with a complete service, carried out with careful evaluation of the status of the devices and the elements that make up the system and its technical characteristics.

The importance of maintenance

Periodic maintenance of lifts and all elevation systems is not only recommended, but also regulated by industry regulations. Biagi Ascensori proposes ordinary maintenance contracts that respect all the steps required by law, starting from the preliminary visit and the initial inspection, up to the verification of the integrity and efficiency of all the system components.

Contattact us

BiagiAscensori guarantees reliable solutions for the safety of any elevator system. The correct maintenance also extends the life cycle of the lift, allowing to considerably reduce costs in the long run and to ensure service continuity. Contact us to learn more about us or to request a personalized quote for your needs!